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Tuina Medical Acupressure

Tuina Medical Acupressure Massage

Tuina, translated literally as “push and grasp,” has been practiced by doctors in Chinese hospitals for more than 4,000 years dating back to the Shang Dynasty. Tuina uses Traditional Chinese Medicine as a basis for treatment. Concepts of Qi energy, blood circulation, and yin/yang play pivotal roles.

The system of Tuina Therapy uses vibrational hand techniques, stimulation of acupressure points, and passive range of movement to release constriction in the tissues, increase circulation, and balance energy flow allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

With Tuina Medical Acupressure you can expect miraculous improvements with specific conditions, such as muscle pain, headaches, and many internal diseases afflicting the body.  Tuina, by its very nature will remove stagnation, move blood, fluids, and energy into better alignment to allow your body to heal.  Don’t just rub it, fix it!

30min/60min/90min     $85/$150/$225

Take a moment. Find yourself. Allow your body to heal. You deserve it!