Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Coaching

Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Coaching

Hypnotherapy uses a deep Theta-wave brain state that is a more focused trance. Also very relaxing and usually experienced with a pleasant altered awareness. You are always in full control, even in the trance state.

Mindfulness coaching uses a light Alpha-wave brain state and is similar to a guided meditation where you are relaxed and fully aware.

For those wanting to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy  and mindfulness coaching can be used for almost anything you want!

Chronic pain management, writer’s block, lost items, procrastination, weight release, stop smoking, test anxiety and information recall, initiating the healing response, clearing old emotional baggage, finding life purpose, seeing and feeling energy (Qi), life changes, making decisions, connecting with spirit guides, remembering other lives, and much more.

NOTE: If you are being treated by a doctor for chronic pain or mental health issues please bring a doctor’s note acknowledging that they approve the use of clinical hypnotherapy with your condition.

30min/60min/90min      $96/$180/$258

“In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you I have worked with Cynthia McMullen for over 15 years. She has always been an exemplary massage therapist, instructor and healer. I am a scientist by training, Biology and Chemistry, so her style of energy work, magic and invisible healing has always been foreign and suspect to me. I began working with her for massage therapy based healing about a year ago. Her knowledge of how energy moves and her skill at moving energy in the body is tremendous. I experienced a change in my health with my first session.

Cynthia gently suggested Hypnotherapy in one of our sessions. I poo-pooed it. Not for me. I’m not letting anyone mess with my mind. No way. In her gentle and unobtrusive way, Cynthia did not bring it up again. But the suggestion was there and a few weeks later, I said let’s give it a try.

But wait … I will be in control the whole time, right? Cynthia reassured me and explained how the process worked and that, no I would not be clucking like a chicken. Nothing would happen that I did not agree with. She explained that hypnotherapy is an extreme state of relaxation that would allow for communication with parts of myself otherwise not accessible.

So, here comes the reason I am writing the first review/testimonial I have ever written – Cynthia guided me in a journey that revealed to me my life purpose and who I really am. It was, by far, the most incredible experience I have ever had. Her guidance was impeccable. Her words were gentle, comforting, reassuring and nonjudgemental. She never pushed me into an uncomfortable position. I was aware the whole time. She asked questions that took me where I needed to go to answer the questions I came to her with.

If you have any interest in hypnotherapy healing, Cynthia McMullen is your person.”


“Hypnosis was incredibly relaxing and safe for me. I had some apprehension over anyone or anything speaking directly to my subconscious. After Cynthia knowledgeably explained how and what hypnosis was all my apprehension faded away. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and of great benefit to me. I, like most people don’t know how to relax. I never fully developed the ability to differentiate different parts of the body that are tense. Trying to relax without knowing how is both fruitless and frustrating. She was able to not only get my body and mind into deep state of relaxation but also give me key words, phrases, and images to work with so that I can reach that deep relaxation on my own. I highly recommend her!”


“The sleep hypnosis tape you made me is excellent. I love it!!”


“I kept thinking about the scenario you guided me through all week, and it really put me in the direction I’ve been wanting to go in.”


“When I started to see Cynthia my pain level was at about 12, just excruciating every single day. My doctor had run out of options and I didn’t know how I was going to continue living like this. I was ready to try anything. She taught me how to use the power of my own mind to decrease my pain and it works! I’ve been seeing Cynthia for several months now and not only is my pain level unbelievably less, I can feel my body starting to heal. From the deepest level of my core I know I’m healing and I can’t even express in words how tremendous this feels. Thank you so much!!”


Take a moment. Find yourself. Allow your body to heal. You deserve it!