Project Description

Clinical Hypnosis, Esoteric Hypnosis, Mindfulness Coaching

Clinical Hypnosis, Esoteric Hypnosis, Mindfulness Coaching

Hypnosis uses a deep Theta-wave brain state that is a more focused trance. Also very relaxing and usually experienced with a pleasant altered awareness. You are always in full control, even in the trance state.

Mindfulness coaching uses a light Alpha-wave brain state and is similar to a guided meditation where you are relaxed and fully aware.

For those wanting to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, hypnosis and mindfulness coaching can be used for almost anything you want!

Chronic pain management, writer’s block, lost items, procrastination, weight release, stop smoking, test anxiety and information recall, initiating the healing response, clearing old emotional baggage, finding life purpose, seeing and feeling energy (Qi), life changes, making decisions, connecting with spirit guides, remembering other lives, and much more.

NOTE: If you are being treated by a doctor for chronic pain or mental health issues please bring a doctor’s note acknowledging that they approve the use of clinical hypnosis with your condition.

30min/60min/90min      $96/$180/$258

Take a moment. Find yourself. Allow your body to heal. You deserve it!