We Accept Insurance!

Your doctor can prescribe massage therapy for most types of musculoskeletal pain including Fibromyalgia.

Talk to them if massage therapy is your preferred treatment.

hot stone massage

Massage Now is an In-Network Provider for

Premera Blue Cross, Aetna, and VA

We also accept Worker’s Comp 

As an In-Network Provider, we bill your insurance for you after you are set up in our system.

Becoming an insurance client with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Ask our receptionist to make copies of your insurance and ID cards or send them by HIPAA compliant email to insurance@massagenowak.com
  2. Ask your doctor or chiropractor to send a massage referral; including diagnosis, to fax # 833-922-1869, or bring your referral to our receptionist
  3. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive an email with your benefit information regarding massage therapy @ Massage Now!

Co-pay is due at the time of service

Massage Now! has a payment at time of service rate and an insurance rate for our professional services. 

We can no longer give out Superbills. All insurance claims must be submitted by Massage Now!

Phone: 907-279-7669
Fax: 833-922-1869

Email: insurance@massagenowak.com (HIPPA compliant)