Michele Keck

Michele Keck Michele is the lead instructor of the hands-on table massage program in the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. She loves teaching and sharing the healing arts not just as a vocation, but as a way for people to embark on their own healing journey for personal growth, [...]

Michele Keck2022-02-28T06:49:04-09:00

Lee Ann Benko

Lee Ann Benko Shima (teacher/master) Lee Ann Benko has been exploring, learning, and teaching martial arts and bodywork/energy healing for over twenty years. She is dedicated to helping you to understand how to discover and channel your vital energy or qi for empowerment, healing, and positive change. Lee Ann’s search to understand our [...]

Lee Ann Benko2024-02-02T09:10:12-09:00

Cynthia McMullen

Cynthia McMullen, CHT, LMT, MQT, SM Co-Founder and Faculty at Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy Welcome to the captivating world of holistic healing and wellness! With over 25 years of experience in Oriental medicine and massage therapy, I am thrilled to guide [...]

Cynthia McMullen2024-04-12T09:39:45-08:00
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