Chris Kukay

  Chris Kukay is a Tuina Acupressure Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist available for bodywork at Massage Now! His training at the Oriental Healing Arts Center in Tuina Acupressure Therapy, Tai Chi and Qigong solidified his conviction that traditional healing arts have unique potency in improving our community. Chris can still be found at [...]

Chris Kukay2022-01-17T11:08:09-09:00

Michael Johnson

Michael is a 20 year military veteran as a combat medic. He decided to pursue massage and be a healer because of his love of helping other. He uses his past medical experience along with his eastern medicine studies to create well rounded healing sessions. Michael is an instructor in the Massage [...]

Michael Johnson2022-05-01T14:08:42-08:00

Christy O’Brien

Christy O'Brien Christy is back doing massage during a temporary break from Rolfing school. If you've had an injury, physical pain, or need some deep therapeutic work, book with Christy while you can. She is also one of our top therapists that accepts Insurance coverage. Services Provided: Swedish Relaxation Deep Pressure & Light Touch [...]

Christy O’Brien2022-04-17T13:23:14-08:00

Seraphim Stapleton

Seraphim is a well-versed and talented therapist and martial artist who is from Kodiak. He grew up in a military family who supported and encouraged his interest in, medicine, and healing.  These interests eventually led him to the field of massage therapy. Seraphim studied at the Oriental Healing Arts Center and [...]

Seraphim Stapleton2022-04-17T13:51:56-08:00

Brittany Russell

Brittany Russell Brittany is born & bred Alaskan grown. She started massage young, giving her family massages because she had such an innate talent for healing touch they encouraged her to cultivate her skills professionally. Brittany is a proud graduate of the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine. She has trained overseas in Beijing China [...]

Brittany Russell2022-01-17T14:14:31-09:00

Gretchen Holbrook

Gretchen Holbrook Several years ago, Gretchen took a trip to WuDan Mountain; the sacred site where Daoism was founded over 5000 years ago. There on the slope of the mountain, in the ruins of a temple courtyard, a Chinese master taught her the ancient 5-Animals Qi gong form. Every Wednesday evening, with respect and [...]

Gretchen Holbrook2022-01-17T14:17:11-09:00


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