Chris Kukay, LMT, Tuina Therapist


Chris Kukay is a Tuina Acupressure Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist available for bodywork at Massage Now! His training at the Oriental Healing Arts Center in Tuina Acupressure Therapy, Tai Chi and Qigong solidified his conviction that traditional healing arts have unique potency in improving our community.

Chris can still be found at the Oriental Healing Arts Center, where he teaches students of massage therapy in Physiology, and continues his training in Tai Chi both as instructor and most importantly, student.

Either as a Tuina Therapist, or an instructor, Chris is motivated by the opportunity to share these healing arts with the community to improve health and wellness. Chris has appointments available for Swedish/ Deep Tissue Massage, Chair Massage and Tuina Acupressure Therapy.

Are you new to Tuina? Come to the clinic where Chris will be happy to customize a plan for you based on your own goals and his professional advice.
Your feet are carrying you across the tundra and up into the mountains we are so lucky to have in Alaska, and if you are not sure where to start- a 64-point Acupressure Treatment of the Foot is an invigorating way to reward them- you may notice an increased range of motion, relief from stiff aches and pains, and the warm, motivating glow that a Tuina treatment can leave you with! On your feet! Book with him now at Massage Now!

Take a moment. Find yourself. Allow your body to heal. You deserve it!