Brittany Russell

Brittany is born & bred Alaskan grown. She started massage young, giving her family massages because she had such an innate talent for healing touch they encouraged her to cultivate her skills professionally. Brittany is a proud graduate of the Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine.

She has trained overseas in Beijing China and learned how to indoctrinate her Tuina skills into her practice. She has had extensive Thai massage and yoga instruction in Alaska, California & Mexico under the tutelage of Duncan Wong. She is also the instructor for table massage and chair massage in our massage school and teaches hot stone classes.

She has many specialized healing modalities including but not limited to


Thai Yoga Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Specialty Chair Massage


Gua sha

and of course Swedish General relaxation massage.

She is so incredibly proficient in all of her various and different modalities that she combines them to make her own unique mix. She skillfully selects and chooses the perfect mix for each and every one of her clients. Brittany works with a diverse group of loyal clients. She has a special appreciation to work with people who are deeply motivated for self-care and healing.

She has amassed a wealth of information for healing modalities and is a great resource for her clients. Teaching those who are open to learning, how to make her incredibly effective massages even more therapeutic and long-term lasting.

Brittany’s passions: Kung Fu, tai chi, creative expression, knitting, & cross stitch, and loves what she does! She brings that to each of her clients, She enjoys Saving the World-One Person at a Time!

Take a moment. Find yourself. Allow your body to heal. You deserve it!