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2606 Spenard Rd. Anchorage, AK

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Do you have a busy schedule and prefer life to work around you?

Do you start to feel tension building in your body and decide you want a massage today?

Do you love it when quality and convenience easily combine for you?

You know how it is when you work too hard and stress starts to build up.  It affects your sense of joy, brings out those old aches and pains that make you pay attention, and even throws your digestion off if you’re not careful.

You know you’re not supposed to look tired and older than you are.

Your back aches from slaving away at your desk, your neck is tense because you have to meet that deadline, and your knees hurt because they always tell you when it’s time to stop and take care of yourself. You’re stressed out and you don’t feel like calling around all over town to try and find an opening for next week – you need it now!

We can totally help you out.

  • You CAN get in as quickly as possible.
  • You CAN check our openings and book on-line.
  • You CAN get a great massage that addresses your individual areas of pain and discomfort – and at a great price.

At Massage Now, we get you in as quickly as possible – with your favorite massage therapist, or we’ll match you with one of our excellent professional massage therapy team members.

We know you have a busy life, and we want you to leave here feeling refreshed, destressed, and very well taken care of. Feel good, look good, and enjoy your life!

It’s our goal to provide the benefits of massage that you expect in a way that matches your busy lifestyle, and we do a great job at this.

Book on-line at your convenience, or call us today 907-279-7NOW (7669). Make sure you add us as a favorite contact so it’s easy to call when you need to get in with us fast.

We are a member of the Life Balance Program offering great employee discounts to:

Providence Alaska Medical Center

Regional Hospital

Municipality of Anchorage

Just mention this and show your ID card when you
schedule massage therapy services.

Life Balance

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