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2606 Spenard Rd. Anchorage, AK
Rudi became interested in massage because she has a very strong belief that natural healing is a powerful movement and we don't need so much surgery and popping pills.  She is very caring and has no problem using deep pressure if you prefer. Enjoy an aromatic essential oil blend if you like, and leave with one of Rudi's favorite Epsom Bath soaks.

Hilary describes herself as a super science nerd! She comes from a family in medicine so was naturally drawn to health care. When her Australian massage therapist friend practiced on her, Hilary also decided to become a massage therapist.  Hilary is very drawn to working with injuries and chronic pain.  She has studied Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Trigger Point Therapy.  Clients describe her as having a great deep pressure, and she can adjust that to your comfort level.
(On temporary leave) Jen originally learned Thai massage in Thailand, and 8 years ago changed to Swedish massage in the U.S. She loves massage and wants to see anyone in pain leave feeling so much better. How do people feel after a massage with her? "Great", "Better", and even "Beautiful!" Enjoy an aromatic essential oil blend that gets deep into your muscles if you like.
Duana has a naturally deep touch that will really work out those deep knots.  With many years of exeprience, you're in expert hands when your muscles are overworked and need some serious attention.
Antolina Aguilar Licensed Massage Therapist

Antolina's mother believed in massage therapy, and after she got her first professional massage she knew this is what she wanted to do.  She uses a range of pressure from lighter to deep tissue and is excellent at pain and stress relief. Antolina also loves to do pre-natal massage. Our clients love her!
Lana believes in the power of the body to heal. She draws from this belief with everyone she works with - including herself. She loves it when you feel empowered about your health and always gives you a special "tool" specifically relative to the pain you came in for.
Seraphim Seraphim is a long time student of martial arts and is working on continuing his studies in acupuncture, herbs, and chiropractic. He has a natural sense of energy flow in the body which shows through in his massage. His style ranges from slow, deep, and relaxing to invigorating and energetic. He also uses aromatic essential oils for a wonderful experience.


Marjorie followed her dream and changed careers to study massage, and she loves it!  She has a very nurturing touch that will leave you feeling very well cared for, and she'll make sure your stress and knots are worked out.  Marjorie has also studied Energy Healing and will combine this into your massage by request.
Kenny Blackwell
Kenny is not only quite the accomplished local musician, he has also been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1985 and has a following of clients that love working with him.  Over the years, Kenny - also known as "The Body Mechanic" - has developed an intuitive style of massage based in Swedish and incorporating techniques from various modalities as needed.  He can accommodate gentle relaxing massage, sports massage, medical massage, energy work, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue work.  His dedication is to mindfully engage with each client to assess and define a plan that addresses their personal needs.

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